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Twice, I have gone halves on creating two (2) separate human beings. Surprisingly, it is the one thing I have done in my life that took the least amount of brains! 😉. 2017 If They Had known. Is it the guy on the left hitting those high notes? because whoever is doing it totally brings the song to a whole new level. This is a copy of “a star is born”.




“He copied me and he thinks he can do it better” Thats exactly what he is supposed to do. And if he can do it better, then he improved the technique which he can teach to other people, who then can improve the technique again. The trailer make the movie seem corny but it was actually a really good movie. Ryan coogler and Michael b jordan with another classic under their belts. So, the moral to the story is, there's a lot of What if's. Fun fact: Bob hated his hair *Realises that he mentioned that already. I have synesthesia. Musical notes and kinesthetic feel - pressing, or poking. Notes that are concave and fuzzy or level and hard, etc. They did some tests on me. I'm no smart guy - I just have that thing. I play jazz piano. So what they call perfect pitch is just way off compared to what's really happening. If some one pokes you with a toothpick you aren't going to confuse it with a sponge. Same with an Ab as opposed to a C.

Does anyone know what pens that guy was using. 2018 - Bohemian Rhapsody 2019 - Rocketman 2019 - Yesterday 2020 - Man's Not Hot Actually I felt anxious watching this thinking about living in a world without the real Beatles. I just watched this. And I cried a loooot. This movie is so good 🥺 and the plot twist tho. 12/10 😔😔🧡. This movie was better than Star they are completely different but as far as film-quality goes. Creed was like a 10/10 while Star Wars ep 7 was a 7/10 at best. I thought of a sum, said in in my head, closed my eyes and waited for the numbers to come up. They didn't.





If they had known then...


Found this at a thrift store for 20. When I mentioned that the tuner dial wasn't working they said if they had known, they wouldn't have even sold it and bumped the price down to 15. Clay Soper Memorial Fund.


Yep passing the bar test is just one hurdle a prospective lawyer needs to pass. They also need to show their character is above reproach. Something that would never be approved if they knew at that time what we know about him now. Just having accusations is enough to cancel an application. Kavanaugh might not have even gotten his bar approval if they had known his "Character... The death of Clay Soper, the summer after his college sophomore year, stunned Winchester. But rather than retreat from the world paralyzed in. If They Had Known presented by SCAPE. If They Had Known is a documentary program spoken by kids to kids about the toxic risks of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol.

He consumed a mix of alcohol and Xanex, went to sleep on a friend's bed and never woke up. "He didn't realize he died, said one doctor. His death reflects the. 'If They Had Known' film is eye-opener on mixing alcohol and pills.