Yesterday, I spent almost the whole day going through my video games collection. This post summarises my findings. Im not renowned for my thoroughness so the data below is actually a rough approximate of my actual video games collection. You can view the spreadsheet [here] 94/edit?usp=sharing. Nor am I renowned for my writing. If youre interested in reading a post that is clear, grammatically correct, stylish. I went through my backlog of video games yesterday and discovered that I had a total of 331 games with a total cost of around 4229.95. I've completed/beaten only 15% of them. Yeah. another one of those posts. Id like to think my opinion will somehow be different and special and that I may embark some new wisdom on your purchasing decision. But thats unlikely. So with expectations sufficiently lowered, let's get to it. ampnbsp. long post warning. ampnbsp; Why I switched? Similar to many, iOS had become stale. almost too familiar, my once loved grid of icons actively annoyed me when I looked at them. Add in my growing reliance on Google services (G.

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