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Len would not he happy with this lol. SOMETIMES BEATING YOUR KIDS IS THE RIGHT OPTION. This Sunday. I will bring the UK teaser trailer of James Bond 3D (Bond 3D) on YouTube. Stay Tuned. Eww WTF it's like she's sleeping with her son, so gross, that actor is too young. But here we go again Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon doing this crappy whatever young adult kinda stuff movie. Seriously Reese after Wild and Big Little Lies and now this? I thought gonna be like come back career and be more serious actress.

Best health club I've been in... Was that a Hip-Hop version of Radiohead's National Anthem?  And to think I couldn't be more excited be this documentary. Johnny the liar. Can't wait. Lesson: beware of manipulators. Me before seeing the picture :😐 me after: 🤭. It was cool, vibrant, colourful, funky street dance that deserved 10 for its execution and the fun minded me of the Jim Carey film Mask. Really fun to watch and worth watching many times more. Instagram said dont, but I did. Absolutely loved this! I wasn't sure about street dancing in Strictly - they've already got so many dance genres and celebs already don't get the chance to do all of them - but after a routine like this one, I'll welcome it with open arms.

@lionheartSONIC21 Johnny was miserable during the final Smiths session at Grant Showbiz's Streatham home studio in May of 1987, where Rough Trade was putting unfair pressure on the band to come up with two B-sides for Girlfriend In A Coma, after they had just completed the album Strangeways, Here We Come. Johnny felt like I was never going to be allowed to come up for air.

Cool animation. same feel as metallica parking lot animation. awesome \m.