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How big is the galaxy 3f powder. YouTube. How big is the galaxy 3f g. Whether you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch or a Galaxy Watch Active 2, the list of apps for you to download is vast and improving all the time. However, discovering which apps are worth your time can be challenging. And that's why we've done the hard work for you by selecting the best from the store. Samsung's Tizen platform is filled with more options than ever before - 60, 000 apps and watch faces, in total - and below we've picked out the best 10 apps for you to download, including third-party apps for music, fitness, news headlines and more. 1. Spotify Nobody in the wearables business has a better relationship with Spotify than Samsung. The first wearable company to offer full Spotify support, and still only joined by Garmin. So, if you want to use for Galaxy Watch for music - whether that's on a morning commute or your daily workout - there is no better choice than Spotify right now. You get the ability to check out recently played music, playlists and the top charts. Naturally, you'll also get to take a look at your own library, which includes your custom playlists. However, the big feature - if you're a Premium user - is the offline playback support, meaning you don't have to be connected to your phone in order to listen. 2. Uber Now you can Uber everywhere from your wrist. You simply set your pickup and get going. It's not difficult dragging the map around to choose your pickup spot, and that sweet rotating bezel is handy for zooming in and out of the map to get a better view. 3. Samsung Internet We admit, your wrist isn't exactly the best place to check a website out. But sometimes there are situations where it's warranted – maybe you forgot your phone somewhere, or you're way too lazy to get it out of your skinny jeans or purse. Samsung's Internet browser, which is not pre-installed, is a pretty good stop-gap. You can check out all your bookmarks or search the web via Google voice search. 4. Gear Voice Memo Samsung's voice memo app might have an old name, but it's as useful as ever. It's not pre-installed, but it is simple to use. Simply hit the record button and you're good to go. Once you're done, you'll get a transcription of your audio along with your file, which automatically syncs to your phone. 5. Samsung SmartThings Samsung has a massive ecosystem of devices, and it's gone in hard on the smart home game with its SmartThings-compatible devices. You can use the SmartThings app to check out the status of your devices and even control routines. This includes controlling your TV, which might be the most important smart thing of all. 6. Speedometer Sometimes, when you're cycling or just scootering around, you don't want to know all your health metrics – you just want to know how fast you're going. Speedometer is an old Gear S3 holdover, and it's perfect for that exact need. Read this: Galaxy Watch v Gear S3 The app uses your GPS to check your speed. You can also save your journeys, and you'll get to see your distance, duration and a speed map of how fast (or slow) you were going. 7. Flipboard News Briefing Simply, it's the Flipboard news experience on your wrist. It's extremely easy to use and set up, and the news is broken down into easily digestible nuggets of need-to-know information. There's no better way to check out the news on your wrist. 8. Map My Run Similar to Spotify, Samsung has long had a relationship with Under Armour's suite of fitness apps – and Run with Map My Run is your best option for running with Galaxy Watch. It uses your Galaxy Watch's GPS to track your distance and pace and other metrics. Bonus: When you buy a Galaxy Watch, you get a year of MapMyRun Premium membership for free from the time you install and set up the app. 9. Find My Car There's nothing more frustrating – or humiliating – than wandering around a parking lot not having remembered where you parked. Find My Car solves that, allowing you to save your location on the map. You can also leave yourself a voice memo of where you left your car, and a little counter on the bottom will tell you how far away you are. 10. Monster Vampire Have some time to pass and want a cute little game on your wrist to help out? Monster Vampire is a good one to try. It's a breaker game where you use the rotating bezel to bounce a monster around to eat some jack o' lanterns. You can also walk to get yourself more energy to help you out, too. 11. Facer You've already looked at the best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces - you're no fool - but what about an app that gives you an alternative to plucking them out of the clunky Tizen Store? Enter, Facer. Like with Wear OS and Apple Watch, the Facer app lets you pick from its library of free or paid-for faces, giving you a much more comprehensive list than you have at your disposal through Samsung.

Our expectations for smartwatches are inherently contradictory: We expect them to be simple, and yet we want them to do so much. We need them fit on our wrists, tell the time, and have enough battery life to get us through at least the day. At the same time, we want them to run apps, take phone calls, and even track potentially serious health conditions. Samsung is striving for both with its new Galaxy Watch. The feature-packed smartwatch was announced in early August, and is positioned as the Samsung flagship smartwatch. Even that is an attempt to simplify—before this, there was the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Samsung Gear 2, the Samsung Gear S, the Gear Live, the Gear Sport, the Gear S2 and Gear S3, and on and on. The new Galaxy Watch is the one your eyes (and wallet) are supposed to be drawn to. Overall, the flagship Galaxy Watch is a good smartwatch. Its compatible with both iOS and Android phones (unlike Apple Watch, which only works with iOS. The Galaxy Watch itself runs on Samsungs Tizen software, which can feel unfamiliar at first but is easy to get the hang of. And it has great battery life. Ive worn the 42mm version of the Galaxy Watch for two different chunks of time since late August, and during both test periods, the battery lasted around three days. That makes it a smartwatch with a high-res touchscreen display that can easily pass the two-day-business-trip test. Samsung has managed to make a stainless steel watch with “military-grade durability” that doesnt look like its been designed for the battlefield. But this new watch sure seems to have a lot of features that already exist out there. There are a couple truly new things, like the addition of Bixby, Samsungs virtual assistant. It also runs on a new dual-core processor. Other features are new to Samsungs watch, but not new to smartwatches. And the Galaxy Watch, along with its compatible Samsung Health app, could stand to offer more helpful insights around what its tracking. The new Galaxy Watch ships in two sizes and three color finishes: a 46mm version that comes in silver, and a 42mm version thats available in rose gold and black. The smaller watch sells for 330 and the larger model for 350—undercutting the price of the new Apple Watch Series 4. An LTE version of the watch, available through T-Mobile, costs 50 more. Theres lot of stuff the Galaxy Watch can do, but a big part of watch-buying is how it looks. Samsung has managed to make a sturdy, stainless steel watch with “military-grade durability” that doesnt look like its been designed for the battlefield. Every so often a friend would comment on it and say they liked the watch. At the same time, the Galaxy Watch isnt exactly elegant. Its thick, with a notched bezel and a plastic underside. The shiny rose gold version Ive been wearing borders on flashy. Occasionally, a smartwatch maker rolls out a watch that works whether youre out to dinner or at the gym or on a hike. The gold Galaxy Watchs aesthetic works for the former activity, but felt silly for the latter two. Based on images Ive seen, the black and silver version of the Galaxy Watch appear much more subdued. The display is nice. Its a sharp, multi-colored, Super AMOLED display. Its also coated in Gorilla Glass to help ward off scratches and nicks. It's recessed below the bezel, which means it lacks the smooth, fluid look of smartwatch displays that curve right into the watch casing. The display also seemed like it was stubbornly resisting my efforts to wake it (though this may be helping the battery life. I found myself having to exaggerate my wrist twist or arm raise, or push one of the watchs physical buttons, just to get the display to light up and show me the time. The rotating bezel is one of the Galaxy Watchs best features. Its a control tool for the watch. Rotate the bezel left, and youll see all of your earlier notifications. Rotate to the right, and youll have quick access to widgets. The watch has a touchscreen as well, so you can still swipe down for settings or tap on an app or widget to open it. And there are two physical buttons, a back button and a home button. The Galaxy Watch does all of the things that youd expect smartwatches to do over the past couple years. It shows you when youre getting a phone call, and lets you swipe to accept or reject it. It buzzes you with notifications from your phone. It shows you the weather. It lets you tap to pay using Samsung Pay, provided youve paired the watch with a Samsung smartphone. It tracks your steps, your exercise sessions, your heart rate. But the bar for smartwatches is higher now. Its all about how actionable that data is—and also, what kind of actions a smartwatch can just do for you, so you can wear it and forget about it. The Galaxy Watch has enough of these feature adds to make it a valuable watch. Relative to some of its smartwatch competitors, though, I dont find it to be groundbreaking. For example, Samsung likes to say that the watch tracks more than 39 different workout types. But more than 20 of these are individual exercises, like planks or squats. The Galaxy Watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters for ten minutes, and can be used to track longer activities in shallow water, like swimming. Apple Watch also has a water resistance rating of 50 meters, and can record swim sessions. And the Samsung Gear Sport watch has this rating. At this point, any smartwatch that has a fitness bent to it should offer these things. The more useful feature might be the Galaxy Watchs auto-tracking function, which means the watch immediately starts recording an exercise if it detects a spike in your activity and heart rate. I found this helpful during long city walks, which you normally dont get “credit” for aside from a high step count. The Galaxy Watch will start recording it as exercise, and send an encouraging notification, too. This works for running, outdoor cycling, elliptical, and rowing. Since the watch has GPS built-in, it should also accurately record workout distances, which I found to be true in most cases. It seemed to depend on how consistent I was during the activity. On more than one occasion, it accurately tracked a 3. 7-mile hike (the same trail both times. But when I had the watch set to “hiking” and then decided to run some of it, it recorded the same trail as a 2. 95-mile hike. On the upside, the watch gives auditory cues, which is a nice touch for people who dont want to constantly look at their wrist during a workout. One small annoyance with the workout tracking: It only offers shortcuts to four activities at a time. So if you have a varied workout routine, youll find yourself constantly changing these shortcuts. In case youve missed the stress management memo, dedicated apps that guide you through breathing exercises are a popular feature on smartwatches now. You guessed it: the Samsung Galaxy Watch has this! Its uncannily similar to Breathe app on Apple Watch, minus the haptic feedback. It shows the outer edges of a series of light blue concentric circles, like the petals of a flower, pulsing as you inhale and exhale and playing a soothing, meditative tune. According to the Galaxy Watch, my stress levels are “neutral. ” (This was probably the least accurate metric on the watch. Just kidding. Sort of. While the Galaxy Watch offers plenty in terms of functions, it lacks a finesse in communication. It records your sleep every night, and some mornings it sends you a notification with your new “sleep record, ” which I first interpreted as, well, a milestone. Why would a night of four and a half hours of sleep be a record? Was it pointing out how terrible that was? In this case, it just means a new data entry, not a record-setting nights sleep, as much as I wish I was setting new sleep records. The Samsung Health app, which is where all of your health and activity data is stored, doesnt do much to explain the sleep tracking either. It tells you your sleep efficiency rating, but Im still not sure what that means, or why I should care how long Ive been “motionless" for during sleep. The Discover tab in the Health app shows health articles from reputable news outlets, but as far as I can tell these arent personalized. I appreciated that the Galaxy Watch sent a digital pat on the back nearly every time I stood up and walked away from my desk. But it also once sent a congratulatory activity notification while I was sitting and typing. And then theres the “Torso twist? ” notification. This is Samsungs nudge for you to get moving when youve been lazy or glued to your computer screen for an extended period. It suggests not a short walk, not a stretch, but a torso twist. Maybe I should be doing more torso twists? Im certainly open to the idea. But Id also like the option of changing that notification to something else, and thats not an option. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a good smartwatch as far as smartwatches go. But in an era where “flagship” equates to “showcase for new, innovative technology, ” the Galaxy Watchs flagship status comes across as self-appointed.

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How big is the galaxy.
Home News (Image credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images) Update: It's all over! The awards have all been handed out in Los Angeles and awards season has well and truly been kick-started. Unless you're planning to catch-up on the ceremony (or if you don't mind spoilers beforehand) you can head to our Golden Globes 2020 winners article for the full and complete list. Don't call it a warm up for the Oscars! Thanks to its celebrity audience and acerbic hosts, the Golden Globe Awards have become a fixture in their own right on the TV calendar. And you can watch every minute of red carpet revelry and award giving from just about anywhere by following our Golden Globe live stream guide. Celebrating the biggest and best names in the world of television and cinema, the 77th Golden Globes is once again taking place in early January to really mark the start of the road to the Academy Awards. 77th Golden Globe Awards 2020: where and when This year's spectacle will come from The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The ceremony itself is due to start tonight at 5pm LA time, so that's 8pm ET, 1am GMT and 12pm AEDT on Monday. That's following coverage of the red carpet arrival, of course, which kicks off a couple of hours beforehand. English comedian Ricky Gervais is back at the helm for a record fifth time, which means no A-lister can rest easily - Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Mel Gibson and many more have been lampooned by his barbed comments over the years. And who will likely be taking home a little gold gong tonight? Some of 2019's biggest films, including Netflix's The Irishman and Marriage Story, will compete for the Best Motion Picture - Drama award. While the likes of Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Murphy, Al Pacino, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lopez are all up for acting prizes. The ever-reliable Tom Hanks will be honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for his glittering career. On the TV side of things, there's fierce competition between some amazingly successful shows. Binge watchers will need to divide their loyalties between the likes of Big Little Lies, The Crown, The Morning Show, Succession and, of course, Game of Thrones. Whether you're a massive movie buff, somebody that loves to see 'who' the stars are wearing or just want to see how outrageous Gervais will be, the Golden Globes is always worth a watch. And following our guide will let you work out the best way to get a 2020 Golden Globes live stream from wherever you. Football fan? Then don't miss out on a NFL live stream How to watch a 2020 Golden Globes live stream from outside your country Keep scrolling if you want to know your viewing options in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. But it's worth noting that if you're away from your country this weekend and were hoping to watch your home coverage on your laptop or mobile, it will inevitable be geo-blocked. Annoying, but definitely not using a VPN, you can change your IP address to a location back in your own hometown or country that will then allow you to stream the event as if you were sat back at home. A VPN is perfect for this as it allows you to change your IP address so you appear to be in a completely different location. We've tested hundreds of VPNs and can recommend ExpressVPN as the outright   best VPN currently available. ExpressVPN (which comes with a 30-day money back guarante) is the #1 rated best in the world right now thanks to its speed, security and ease-of-use. You can watch on many devices at once including Smart TVs, Fire TV Stick, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, iPads, tablets etc. Check out ExpressVPN and get 49% off and 3 months FREE with an annual plan. How to watch the 2020 Golden Globes: live stream in the USA While the red carpet coverage will stream for free on the Golden Globes website, NBC has the rights to air the ceremony in the US. So assuming NBC is one of the television channels you can get, then you're good to go. Or if you would rather stream the show straight from your computer, mobile phone or tablet then you can head over to NBC's website to watch. Don't want to pay more than you need to for your cable subscription? Then don't worry, there is a range of different streaming services now available to help you watch the show, all at different price points. You can see a list of options below: Hulu with Live TV 44. 99 per month DirecTV Now 50 per month Sling TV starting at 15 per month fuboTV 44. 99 for the first month YouTube TV 49. 99 per month The bonus of the above options is that they all have some kind of free trial. So if all you care about is getting a Golden Globes live stream and not much beyond, these are well worth a look. How to stream Golden Globes live in Canada Fans in Canada are in luck as CTV will show the 77th Golden Globes live on television. However, if you dont have a TV, you can still watch the awards show on the networks website though you will have to select your TV service provider and sign in with your CTV account. It all starts at 8pm ET/5pm PT. How to watch a Golden Globes live stream in the UK Sorry UK folks - it looks as though nobody has thrown their hat into the ring to broadcast the Golden Globes this year. Seems like a big shame considering Gervais is on MC duties and the likes of Emma Thompson, Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins are all nominated this year. The only way that we can think of watching it - without referring to some dodgy stream you've seen on Reddit, is to go down the VPN route, change your IP address and watch as if you were somewhere else in the world. How to live stream the 2020 Golden Globes in Australia You'll need Foxtel (or Austar or Optus Television) Down Under as the Golden Globes will be broadcast live on Arena, following red carpet action on E! The ceremony starts at midday on Monday. If you're away from your TV, then you can always watch on mobile via the Foxtel Go app, too. There's also the option of using a VPN as described above if you're away from home and still want to catch that coverage. Read more: Who will take the big one? Check out our 2020 Oscars predictions Want more TV? Read our guide to the best TV shows for 2020 Or see what's on offer from Disney Plus.

Image: Samsung Samsung is planning on making some pretty big announcements Tuesday. The company is holding its annual Unpacked event at 2pm ET/ 11am PT on February 11 in San Francisco, where its expected to announce a new flagship smartphone and a new foldable phone along with a number of other things. The biggest announcement of the bunch is rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy S20. Yes, the last phone Samsung announced in the line was the Galaxy S10, but theyre expected to blow past 11-19 and go straight to 20 with this years release. The new phone is expected to look a lot like the Galaxy S10 already on the market and will have a bezel-less display along with a punch-hole for the forward-facing camera. The back of the device will house four cameras, which is a bit of a change-up from the current model. This years phone is expected to come in three models: an S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, all of which are expected to have QHD+ AMOLED displays. The S20 is rumored to be 6. 2-inches, the S20+ 6. 7 inches, and the Ultra a pretty substantial 6. 9 inches. Samsung is also expected to announce a new version of its Galaxy buds and maybe even a new smartwatch. Of course, all of that is just whats expected from the (some very credible) rumors weve heard. The only way to know for sure what Samsung has in store for 2020 is to watch the official announcement during Unpacked. You can definitely get a recap of the highlights from us and our pals at Gizmodo after the event. If you want to watch along live, Samsung is also live-streaming this years Unpacked so you can see whats being announced as it happens. To watch along, visit Samsungs website here, where youll also be able to get some details about those announcements after they happen.

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How much is the samsung galaxy tab. How big is the galaxy s6 screen. How big is the samsung galaxy tab e. Ignore the initial stumble. Although the original Galaxy Gear was anything but awesome, Samsung wearables are solid devices, notably the Gear S2 and Gear S3, which combine great design with a simple interface and a cool, rotating bezel. At the companys Galaxy Unpacked 2018  event in Brooklyn, New York, Samsung took the wraps off of its latest smartwatch, simply called the Samsung Galaxy Watch — which promises to make you not just healthier but a better person overall. Whether youre in the market for a new smartwatch, or simply interested in the new device, heres everything you need to know. You can check out our Galaxy Watch review for our impressions. Pricing and availability Like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy Watch is now available online and in-store. The watch comes at 330 for the 42mm Bluetooth model, or 350 for the 46mm Bluetooth model. Those who order the device before September 8 will also get a free Samsung watch band. On top of that, there are a few stores that you can get the Samsung Galaxy Watch from. Nationwide, youll be able to get your hands on the device through Macys and JCPenney. You can also order the T-Mobile LTE version of the Galaxy Watch through Samsungs site or straight from T-Mobile. For LTE, the 42mm rose gold option is priced at 380 and the 42mm midnight black model will cost you 380. The 46mm silver color model is priced at 400. All models will ship starting the week of September 2. T-Mobile is also offering customers the ability to buy one Galaxy Watch and get a second one half price, with 24 monthly bill credits, when they add a new line. All other LTE versions will be available later this year. Design As with many smartwatches these days, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is available in a few different models, one 42mm and one 46mm — which is good news for those who often feel like smartwatches are too bulky and too big for their wrists. In our hands on preview of the device, we found it relatively lightweight and supremely comfortable on the wrist. The Galaxy Watch is similar to previous Samsung smartwatches in many ways, but there are also a few major tweaks to the design. Like some previous iterations, it has a round watch face thats built to look like a “normal watch” in day-to-day life. This stands in strong contrast to Apples smartwatches; even the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4  is likely to retain its square face — which for better or worse announces to the world that its anything but an ordinary watch. On the back of the device, youll find a heart rate sensor — which is a welcome feature and will come into play for fitness tracking. Like previous Samsung smartwatches, the device also features a rotating bezel, which is another way to interact with the device apart from the touchscreen and the two buttons on the right of the device. The Super AMOLED display inside that bezel comes in at 1. 3 inches or 1. 2 inches, depending on the size device you go for, and has a resolution of 360 x 360. Samsung has taken durability pretty seriously, too. The company touted “military-grade durability” coupled with Cornings DX+ glass at Samsung Unpacked 2018. The device also features 5ATM water-resistance, meaning its perfect for those who dont want to worry about their device while swimming and should be able to withstand up to 165 feet of water. When it comes to colors, the Galaxy Watch is available in three colors — silver, for the 46mm model, and either midnight black or rose gold for the 42mm model. There is also a host of watch band styles, so you can tweak the device to look exactly the way you want it. Specs Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends Under the hood, the device features an unnamed dual-core 1. 15GHz processor thats built specifically for Samsungs smartwatches. Battery life was a big consideration here — and the processor was built to conserve as much energy as possible. In fact, coupled with a 270mAh or 472mAh battery, depending on your model, Samsung says the larger device should last around 4 to 6 days on a single charge. Were not currently sure how long the smaller device will last, but probably less than 4 days. While you may not use the device to store tons of files, you do have 4GB of storage anyway, coupled with either 1. 5GB of RAM in the LTE version of the device, or 768MB of RAM in the Bluetooth version. Software While some early rumors hinted at Samsung switching to Googles Wear OS for the new Samsung Galaxy Watch, those, unsurprisingly, turned out not to be true. Samsung has put a heavy emphasis on fitness tracking here. The device features a heart-rate monitor and will detect when your heart rate goes up and give you guided breathing exercises as a way to manage stress. The device also tracks up to 39 workouts, and 6 of the most common workouts can be tracked automatically. And, last but not least, the watch tracks sleep. All this data goes straight to the Samsung Health app, so its easily accessible on your Samsung phone. The device also features and updated version of Bixby, Samsungs own digital assistant — though well have to wait and see if the digital assistant actually turns out to be useful on the device considering its rough track record. The device is built to work seamlessly with Samsung phones, but it will also work on any phone with Android 5. 0 or later, as well as any iPhone 5 or later with iOS 9. 0 or above. Will it interact in some special way with the forthcoming Galaxy S10  or the futuristic, foldable Galaxy X  phones? Only time will tell. Updated on September 7: The Samsung Galaxy Watch is now available from Macys and JCPenney. Editors' Recommendations The best smartwatches for 2020 Amazon drops amazing discounts on these Samsung smartwatches Galaxy S20, Galaxy Buds+ Z Flip: Everything expected at Samsung Unpacked These Samsung wearables are discounted up to 137 on Amazon Amazon discounts the best smartwatch for Android users – the Samsung Galaxy Watch.


How big is the galaxy note. How big is the galaxy 3f digital. How big is the galaxy 3f class. How big is the samsung galaxy. How big is the screen on a galaxy note 4. Alongside the Note 9, Samsung has announced the Galaxy Watch, the newest addition to its line of wearables which ended with the Gear S3 two years ago. Samsung is offering the smartwatch in two sizes: a 46mm model that comes in silver, and a 42mm model which comes in midnight black and rose gold. The Galaxy Watch will be available as a Bluetooth-only version in the US on August 24th, and an LTE version, which will be available later this year. Like the Gear S3, the Galaxy Watch runs on a Tizen OS, which is said to have better battery life than Android Wear. And thats one of the most impressive updates to the Galaxy Watch: the battery is supposed to last for several days on a single charge, about 80 hours compared to the Apple Watchs 18 hours. As with all smartwatches running Android Wear or Tizen, the Galaxy Watch is compatible with more recent Android phones and iPhones, whereas Apple Watches are limited to iPhones. Other than those two big differences, both the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch have your usual fitness features: heart rate sensor, GPS, water-resistance, and music streaming. We dont yet have pricing information for the LTE version, but given that the Bluetooth models will be available for 329. 99 (42mm) and 349. 99 (46mm) its likely to be within the 400 range. For more detailed specs on how the Galaxy Watch stacks up against the Apple Watch Series 3, heres a convenient chart. As always, specs dont necessarily dictate how well a device actually operates, but they might be useful to see side by side. Galaxy Watch vs. Apple Watch specs comparison Category Galaxy Watch with LTE Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Starting price TBD 399 Digital assistant Bixby Siri OS Tizen OS 4. 0 watchOS 4 Navigation Built-in GPS and barometric altimeter Water resistance Water resistant up to 50 meters Music streaming Yes (via Spotify) Yes (via Apple Music) Glass quality Corning Gorilla DX+ Ion-X glass (aluminum cases) sapphire crystal (stainless and ceramic cases) Processor Exynos 9110 Dual core 1. 15GHz S3 dual-core processor, W2 wireless chip Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4. 2, LTE, NFC Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4. 2, LTE Display Super AMOLED Second-gen OLED Retina display with Force Touch Storage 1. 5GB RAM + 4GB Internal Memory 16GB Battery Life Up to 80 hours (46mm) up to 45 hours (42mm) Up to 18 hours Weight 63g (46mm) 49g (42mm) 28. 7g (38mm) 34. 9g (42mm) Dimensions (mm) 46 x 49 x 13 (46mm) 41. 9 x 45. 7 x 12. 7 (42mm) 38. 6 x 33. 33 x 11. 4 (38mm) 42. 5 x 36. 4 x 11. 4 (42mm) Compatibility Android 5. 0 or later, iPhone 5 with iOS 9. 0 or later iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11 or later Samsung Samsung.

How big is the samsung galaxy a3. How big is the galaxy s7. How big is the galaxy 3f new. How big is the galaxy note 9. How big is the surface pro 3. Today Samsung will take the stage to unveil the new Galaxy Note 7 at their annual Unpacked event in New York City, and the entire show will be available and streaming live on YouTube. Excited fans and potential buyers can watch as its announced and learn all about it. With that in mind heres what you need to know, where to watch it, what time and more. After months of rumors, leaks and speculation Samsung will make things official today, August 2nd in New York City. For the second year in a row the new Note is arriving ahead of IFA where it was announced in previous years, and ahead of the new iPhone. Read: Galaxy Note 7 Release: 7 Things to Know This article may contain affiliate links. Click here for more details. Today were expecting to see a new water-resistant Galaxy Note 7 with a big 5. 7-inch curved “Edge” display, but sadly no regular flat model. Rumors suggest an all-new Samsung Gear VR2 headset for virtual reality on a budget, and other accessories. Read on to see where and when. Samsungs annual “Unpacked” event starts today, August 2nd at 11:00 AM Eastern Time, 8:00 AM PT in New York City. Users and fans will be able to tune into YouTube and watch it get announced live, learn about the new features, improved specs, the Iris scanner, and most likely the last two things that are still a mystery. Thoe being the release date and when pre-orders will kick off. To watch the Galaxy Note 7 launch event live simply tune into YouTube at the official Samsung livestream link below, which starts right at 11:00 AM. Alternatively Samsung has another link and more details on their official website, which can be found by clicking here. These are the two best sources for watching the event live, followed by sticking right here at GottaBeMobile for hands-on photos, video, release date details and more as soon as theyre confirmed. So what can users expect? All signs are pointing to a device thats rather similar to the Galaxy Note 5 from 2015, but combined with what we saw in the Galaxy S7 Edge earlier this year. The result being a new 5. 7-inch curved Galaxy Note 7 with a big and beautiful display, but one that has a curved screen, and almost the exact same design language. Below is a recently leaked photo. Galaxy Note 7 in all Black, and a new Coral Blue and Gold Rumors have been back and forth on the specs, release date, how much RAM it has, the size of the battery and more. That being said, the latest reports havent been as impressive as we originally thought. Most likely Samsung will play it safe with the Galaxy Note 7. Offering some decent upgrades over last years model like IP68 dust and water resistance, a bigger battery, 64GB of storage and a micro-SD slot for storage expansion, the new Iris eye scanner for better security, and new S-Pen features. Read: Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge: What We Know Were hearing the phone will be available for pre-order on August 3rd, tomorrow, and released a week later. Although other rumors claim it will be released today. We only have a few more hours to wait and see. Tune in around 11:00 AM ET for the live stream linked to above, then check back here for full details, photos, hands-on video and more. As were live in New York City for all things Samsung Unpacked 2016.

How big is the galaxy. Our Verdict The Galaxy Watch Active 2 shows Samsung is racing to catch up with Apple. This smartwatch cant compete with the Series 5, but its far better than any other Android smartwatch. For Automatic workout-tracking Offline Spotify storage Gorgeous design with two sizes to choose from Works with iOS and Android Deeper Twitter and YouTube integration Against ECG feature not available at launch Sleep-tracking needs some work It seems like every company is now making a smartwatch — or, in the case of Google, a smartwatch platform for other companies to build on — but only Apple consistently makes the best smartwatches you can buy. Samsung is nipping at Apples heels with the launch of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, a beautiful new smartwatch with built-in sleep-tracking, advanced workout-tracking and an ECG sensor for diagnosing atrial fibrillation. (One caveat: That last feature doesnt work at launch, but will be turned on later. In the design department, Samsung wins by a mile. This is the smartwatch I actually want to wear. Apples watchOS 6 delivers a slew of features that Samsung cant match (yet) but the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is still one of the few Android smartwatches youll want to buy. Bonus: The Galaxy Watch Active 2 also works with iOS, so if you dont want to be locked into a platform, this is a better alternative than the Wear OS options out there. But you don't have to splurge on a second-gen Galaxy Watch Active to get some of this watch's best features. On Nov. 19 Samsung started rolling out a software update for the Galaxy Watch and original Galaxy Watch Active that brings the touch-based bezel, new health features and stylish watch face to older watches. (Image credit: Future) Galaxy Watch Active 2 price and availability The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available to buy as of Sept. 27. The 40-millimeter Bluetooth version of the watch with an aluminum finish is 279, and the larger 44-mm model is 299. A stainless steel option starts at 379. For cellular connectivity, youll have to shell out 429. Samsung is also releasing an Under Armour special edition of the watch with MapMyRun integration at the forefront for 309. Galaxy Watch Active 2 specs Galaxy Watch Active 2 Price 279 (40mm) 299 (44mm) Battery Life 24-60 hours, depending on workouts and display Size 40mm, 44mm Colors Cloud Silver, Aqua Black and Pink Gold OS Tizen OS (One UI) Music Storage 4GB (with offline Spotify playback) Water Resistance Up to 5 ATM (swimproof) GPS Yes LTE Yes, for 429 Heart Rate Monitor Yes Mobile Payments Samsung Pay Special Features ECG sensor, which will be activated sometime after launch Galaxy Watch Active 2 design: Perfection (Image credit: Future) The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the best-looking smartwatch Ive ever tested. The watch comes in two sizes, a 40-millimeter case and 44-mm, just like the Apple Watch Series 5. But Samsungs round display (as opposed to Apples rounded square)  evokes a traditional timepiece.  The overall effect is stylish and elegant — with a leather band, I wouldnt be embarrassed to wear the Galaxy Watch Active 2 to a wedding or a fancy dinner. In contrast, I always leave the Apple Watch at home for nice occasions. Samsung offers three shades to choose from: Cloud Silver, Aqua Black and Pink Gold aluminum with fluoroelastomer bands. A pricier stainless steel model is also available in silver, black and gold with leather straps. An LTE version of the watch will be available only in stainless steel. I tested the 40-mm Pink Gold Bluetooth Galaxy Watch Active 2 with a light pink sport band, and I loved everything about the fit and finish. The band is comfortable enough to wear to bed and doesnt irritate my skin or slide around while running. MORE: Best Smartwatches 2019 When it comes to watch face design, the Watch Active 2 now offers more customized options. All you have to do is take a photo of your outfit (or as much of it as you can) with the Galaxy Watch app and then choose from patterned watch faces in complementary colors. I preferred the more useful watch faces that allow you to add complications, such as the Digital Neon face. But Samsung appears to taking a page from Fossil-owned Kate Spades smartwatches, which offer similarly fun features for making your watch face more personal.  Galaxy Watch Active 2 display: Always-on, if you want (Image credit: Future) An always-on display is the hallmark feature of Apples new Series 5, but for Samsung, thats old news. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 can have an always-on display if you want, or you can extend the battery by keeping the display off until you raise your wrist. The biggest change in the new watchs display is the addition of the digital rotating bezel. Older Samsung smartwatches let you navigate around the watch by physically turning the bezels, but Samsung ditched that feature in the Galaxy Watch Active. The second-gen model brings a digital approximation of that navigational tool. You can use your fingertip to slide around the edge of the display, allowing you to page through the widgets to the right of the watch face or scroll down a page. This is slightly faster than simply swiping or scrolling, but it can also be too sensitive and overshoot how far you were trying to go. Overall, the digital rotating bezel is neither a selling point nor a detraction. You can use it if you want, or forget it exists. Health: ECG feature not available at launch Samsung is taking direct aim at Apple by including an electrocardiogram sensor in the Galaxy Watch Active 2. But similarly to the Apple Watch Series 4 s ECG app  rollout last year, Samsungs watch doesnt have the feature ready at launch. (Apple enabled the ECG features on the Series 4 a couple months after that model launched last year, and its Series 5 is on sale now with the ECG sensor enabled.   Its not clear when Samsungs ECG app will be ready. The company will need to submit data to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration showing that its sensor can accurately detect atrial fibrillation in order to obtain clearance for the ECG feature. Samsung says its working with research institutions to conduct studies. Fitness: An excellent running companion (Image credit: Future) Samsung added run-coaching to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which lets you choose from seven programs for improving endurance or boosting speed. I chose the latter. The cues are both vocal, via the watchs speaker or through a pair of Bluetooth headphones if theyre paired directly to the watch, and tactile — the watch will vibrate when you need to speed up or slow down, for instance. (Image credit: Future) I appreciated the guided program for increasing speed, because it wasnt just about as running as fast as possible. The 40-minute workout included a 5-minute warm-up and cool-down. If I increased my speed too much to start, the watch would yell at me to slow down. I plan to spend more time with these programs to see how helpful they are in the long term. MORE: Best Fitness Trackers 2019 I wish Samsungs automatic workout-tracking was as fully-featured as Apples, but its useful when you forgot to log a 15-minute outdoor walk or hop on the bike without launching a workout first. For an outdoor run, the watch will automatically start tracking after 10 minutes, but all you can see are time elapsed, mileage, calories burned and total step count. Theres also no option to stop or pause the workout; you just have to wait for it to end. Galaxy Watch Active 2 sleep-tracking: Needs improvement (Image credit: Future) Like the original Galaxy Watch Active, the Active 2 tracks your sleep, which  wont completely kill your battery. (More on that in a minute. I wore the watch to bed for almost a week, and I found the breakdown of light, REM and deep sleep to be as interesting as it is in Fitbits sleep-tracking dashboard. Unfortunately, the watchs native sleep-tracking wasnt as accurate as I had hoped. One night, the watch told me I fell asleep after 3 a. m., when I definitely went to bed closer to midnight. I have a knack for falling asleep instantly and staying there, so Im not sure why the watch pegged my bedtime so late. On another evening, I put the watch in Goodnight mode to turn off the always-on display and then hit the sack. The next morning, the sleep widget on the watch itself reported my sleep accurately, but the data wouldnt sync to the Samsung Health app. With some fine-tuning, the Galaxy Watch Active 2s sleep-tracking could be more useful. For now, it lags behind Fitbits Versa 2 and Charge 3, but ahead of Apple Watch (which lacks sleep-tracking) and watches based on Googles Wear OS, which can pull data from third-party sleep-tracking apps but cant track your sleep on their own. Galaxy Watch Active 2 battery life: Average for a smartwatch (Image credit: Future) The Galaxy Watch Active 2 can last about two-and-a-half days on a charge, in my testing of the Bluetooth model. That drops to about 48 hours with workouts, and 24 hours when you keep the always-on display turned on. Thats slightly longer than the Apple Watch Series 5, which lasts about 18 hours with its always-on display. (Samsung says the LTE version lasts about 24 to 36 hours on a charge, depending on which size watch you buy, but I didnt get a chance to test an LTE model. I track my runs with high-precision location accuracy turned on, too, which has a huge impact on battery life. A 40-minute run drained the battery from 40% to 15. However, these are all factors you can control if battery life is the most important feature to you. The always-on display and some of the workout features are obvious battery drains, but they dont have to be. I wish the watch would charge more quickly, though. A 30-minute charge only juiced up the watch to 39% and close to an hour and a half to fully charge it back up. Thats fine if you charge it overnight, but not ideal if you need to quickly charge in the morning before a workout. Tizen OS and apps: Still limited, but improving (Image credit: Future) Samsungs Tizen OS app store doesnt offer as many options as the Apple Watch, though Samsung is working to make apps more useful. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 brings Twitter support for tweeting, liking and retweeting directly on your wrist. You can also watch YouTube clips. Unfortunately, neither of these are ideal use cases for a smartwatch. Watching YouTube on a small watch screen is pointless, and Im not the kind of person who feels compelled to compose tweets on her wrist (or scroll through Twitter on a smartwatch at all. There are some apps that are perfect for smartwatches — maps, messaging, fitness — and Samsung leaned into two that arent. But Tizen OS does have some big names that are useful, including Spotify, which supports offline music storage for Premium subscribers (this is exclusive to Samsung; Wear OS and Apple Watch lack offline Spotify. Strava and Under Armours suite of health and fitness apps (MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, Endomondo) are also included. A more fitness-focused Under Armour edition of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be available soon for 309. Bottom line Samsungs Galaxy Watch Active 2 blows Wear OS watches away, and proves the company is serious about catching up with Apple. With lengthier battery life, functional FDA-cleared health features, more big-name apps, and Fitbit-level sleep-tracking, the Galaxy Watch lineup could actually make Apple take notice. For now, Samsung still lags behind, but at least the company is trying. If youre looking for an Android smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the one worth buying.

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For the past few years, Samsung's release schedule for its major flagships has been pretty consistent. We get new entries in the Galaxy S lineup at the beginning of the year, an Active version of the new S phone on AT&T in the summer, and then the latest Note device. However, according to a new report, this year's Galaxy S8 Active will be escaping AT&T's grip and heading to T-Mobile. Samsung has been releasing Active handsets exclusively on AT&T ever since the S4 Active all the way back in 2013, and while there was an S5 Sport that debuted on Sprint in 2014, the S8 Active would be the first Samsung phone to launch on another carrier with the proper "Active" branding. T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy S8 Active is expected to carry the model number of SM-G892T (slightly different from SM-G892A on AT&T) and be available in both Mereor Gray and Titanium Gold color options. The phone should cost the same with a retail price of 849 USD, but at this time, we don't know when the S8 Active will be debuting on the Un-Carrier. We'd expect it to launch sooner rather than later, but it's possible that we're still a few months out from its release. The Galaxy S8 Active offers the same general experience you'd find on the regular S8, with the addition of increased battery life and a more rugged/durable design. Although the design does take away from the allure that the S8/S8+ bring to the table, Andrew did say in his full review of the S8 Active that he would – Absolutely recommend this phone to someone who must have a "rugged" phone to survive the daily demands of their life or job, and doesn't want to compromise in terms of the software, features, camera or experience of the phone in the process. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Main Galaxy S8 and S8+ review! Galaxy S8 and S8+ specs Everything you need to know about the Galaxy S8s cameras Get to know Samsung Bixby Join our Galaxy S8 forums Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint Unlocked We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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