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This is devastating! How would humans feel to be in those cages. This is why I don't wear clothes. just naked. That´s it. no more meat for me. And people say veganism is extreme. So glad I'm a vegan, I will never support this. I keep a small flock of sheep and I have NEVER seen any shearer treat my sheep like this. If I did not only would they not be paid, they would be reported any also leave my farm considerably less physically able than when they arrive. To give the impression that cruelty in the wool and sheep infustry is commonplace is untrue, insulting and completely detrimental to one of this country's oldest industries. Shame on C4.

@walshy2586 All suffering is important. I shudder to think how these beast(shearers) behave at their home, disgusting and cruel. Sheeeeeeepsss. OK, Imagine if a person did this to another person. Think about what would happen to them. animals like pigs have the same feelings, they feel pain, sadness and happiness. This is truly heartbreaking and evil.

In a landmark case following the release of a PETA exposé, at least six shearers were charged with a minimum of 70 counts of cruelty to animals for the first time in history. The exposé documented that wool industry workers in Australia beat scared sheep in the face with electric clippers and punched and stomped on their heads and necks.


Bites into soy sausage and sobs violently. I'm SO happy that I'm starting to transition into veganism. Many of my friends and family laughed at me when I declared that I was going vegan, but I'm an animal lover who cannot stand for the pain and suffering of these beautiful animals.


Wool price doubled in recent years, which caught attention. Profit sharing, mate, with Media and you know who. Palestin, Yemen, África, Honduras, África, Asia, México, Sustainability. Etc. View all posts by Alexistori Gonzalez Author Alexistori Gonzalez Posted on August 16, 2019. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Enter your comment here. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in. I want the same thing to happen to them. I cant wait to become supreme ruler of this earth and stop this madness.

It is possible to have wool grown in a lab cruelty free

This behaviour is reprehensible but I wish Channel 4 would do a story on Female Genital Mutilation, forced child marriages etc. But this is UK media after all and of course a certain group can not be criticized or confronted about its disgusting cultural religious customs. Self imposed main stream media censoring exists in the UK. I say we hold PETA accountable for all the animals they euthanize every year.






#woolfreewinter. Watch Full Length PETA Asia's Latest Findings of Cruelty in the Australian Wool industry council. Be Vegan and I will marry you. Super glue! what happend to thos world god help us. Watch Full Length PETA Asia's Latest Findings of Cruelty in the Australian Wool industry. Watch Full Length PETA Asia's Latest Findings of Cruelty in the Australian Wool industry association of america.