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Trip Report: 4 weeks in Central Europe, Fall 2018. 28M from USA. 1st time solo. Thank you all. On September 29, 2019, I had my first experience taking DMT. Ever since that stormy Sunday night, my life has been profoundly altered. My mind has continued to evolve, my consciousness continuing to find new horizons within and without, my brain still buzzing from what I can only describe as one of the holiest, transcendental, unexpected experiences of my entire life. Many say it is hard to put into words what you witness, experience and learn, and that is absolutely the case with my experie.


My husband and I were driving home from a concert one night. He asked me to check our ETA on his phone, and I knew it had to be wrong as soon as I saw it. "Did you add a stop? I asked. "No, why. It's telling us it'll take six hours to get home." It had only taken us two hours to reach the concert, stops and all. "There's a random stop here, no name on it. Can you fix it? He asked. Normally he would have stopped and checked it himself, but he was trying to merge onto the highway, and we. A Divine Moment of Truth: My First Journey Beyond the Veil. Hi all, I feel like I'm hitting the same wall over and over again in my life, and I feel like I need help getting out. If you have ever been where I am, I'd greatly appreciate your advice, or even just to read about your own experiences would be great. Some backstory first, I recently moved to Germany (from the US) and will be here for 2 years to complete a Masters degree. After playing around with Grindr and Tinder, I promptly started dating someone who immediately had me totally enamored for.

I made it a goal this year to play as many games as I possibly could and try to deplete my backlog. Through doing that, I've played games this year that have made me laugh, cry, complain, hate, and love. I enjoy seeing others post game reviews like this, so hopefully there are others out there like me who just enjoy reading about games. All games that I've completed are listed in chronological order from when I beat them, and contain a # 10 for final review score (for the ones that I complet. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the rest. This is an Ultimate Edition of my Fallout New Vegas DLC mods list. This mod is a compilation of my previous DLC lists from Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road. However this List also contains mods related to Gun Runners Arsenal and Courier's Stash. I have completed my DLC mod list for Fallout New Vegas. I still plan on mods related to Fallout 3 in Fallout New Vegas and Fallout New Vegas Faction Related mods. Tell me in the.


My account of my time surviving in a nuclear bunker.