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I hadn't seen the original so judged this on its own merits. And there's a lot to like. Firstly, the location was excellent, the house setting effectively creepy and the camera work patient and building. Secondly the acting was really pretty good, these were much more believable, self-assured and 'real' girls rather than Hollywood b- movie screamers. The pace of the film was measured, not frantic, the mood claustrophobic and cheap 'jump scares' were kept to a minimum.
So to the weaknesses. A few times I'd wonder why they just didn't all just stay together for the first few nights or indeed why the friends just didn't leave, car or no car. Becker the cat simply wasn't unnerving enough, it looked bored and given the time may have opted to throw itself into the pool. Overall though the biggest weakness was that it just wasn't scary. The setting could have been used a lot more, more creakiness, more effects more subtle than just a blurred figure in the background or a menacing hand.
On balance then I found it engaging and interesting, it isn't the best of the genre but represents a good effort with high production values. If it detracts from the original then that's a shame because there was probably enough quality here to come up with an alternative new plot.