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Old Man's Cars


2016-17 Camry or Lexus ES 350? Or, is Lexus considered an old man's car.


Quick backstory: I've taken the MCAT twice, scored 97^th & 100^th percentile (98^th & 100^th in CARS. Now I recreationally answer questions here and on discord, where cool has motivated me to comment on common questions. Before I get to it though, here's a caveat: exercise your good judgement. I'll explain my reasoning for making recommendations and much of what I'll say is common advice (check out the [sidebar CARS tips. However, if y. Which automobiles do you consider to be “old man” cars. Clint Eastwood destroys an old man's car forcing the old man to ride the train. I drive an 'old man car' so I decided to get an appropriate sticker. When someone says “thats an old man car” What is the first car that pops into your head. Here in Brazil mainly. Toyota Corolla (and plus a status symbol. Toyota Camry (only for rich people that want to evade robbers with discretion. Honda Civic (also a status symbol. Nissan Sentra (also a status symbol) and. Any compact or midsize car¹ (mainly by Japanese automakers) Well. you say to any people that you have some car Honda or Toyota, him understands that you have any car by BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Audi. ¹ Corolla's considered here as midsize and Camry as large but.

My old man's car. Same thing is mine '91 jetta coupe but he swapped for a vr6 and it's a show car. Might see it around the northeast. '91 jetta coupes run in the family. Which cars are considered as "old man car" in your region. Hey guys so I just got an 02 lesaber with 60k miles. Its white. Are there any mods and anything I can do to make it look “cooler” or just not so old man car.

New Daily. Sick of old man cars.
This 60 year old mans car at my sons daycare.
What is the typical 'old man car' in your country.