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The Silent Teacher


In Taiwanese medical schools, these corpses are known as "silent teachers. Following Lin's final year, this documentary explores the mysteries of these. The Silent Teacher (2017. The Silent Teacher. directed by Maso Chen, 1979- produced by Ging Lee, fl. 2015, Classic Vision (Taipei Shi: Activator Marketing Co., 2016) 1 hour 14 mins. The Silent Teacher Trailer (Eng subs. The Silent Teacher, Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company. Silent Teacher - Toxicode.

3.5/5 stars. It's neither a gruesome spectacle nor the emotional tear-jerker its life-and-death premise often serves up; rather, The Silent Teacher. Silent Teacher1 " target= self">South Wing, Wilkins Building. European première of The Silent Teacher 那個靜默的. In Taiwan medical students call the dead body used for medical dissection "the silent teacher. Due to the yearning hopeful connection of the dead in Asia, body. The Silent Teacher: The Gift of Body Donation - Kindle edition by Dr. Because of cultural mores pertaining to the afterlife, medical schools in Taiwan don't receive many cadaver donations. So when wife, mother.

The Silent Teacher, CCHH: China Centre For Health And Humanity. Taiwanese documentary 'The Silent Teacher' is a raw and authentic.