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~ MOZI “Latte és a titokzatos varázskő” TELJES FILMK (2019

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Mozicsillagon neztem meg kicsit rossz minosegbe de jo volt meg aranyos. 17:08 anybody notice the Sith eyes that turn back in a second. 0:09 that's your logo... Me: Enjoying the nice cool star wars video ad that interrupts the video Im gonna put this rock on this forklift. Clones: We're the best army in the galaxy Old Republic Troopers: Hold my green alien titty milk. I don't know who he is, but the republic trooper literally ran through like 5 sith guys and was only stopped by lightning. Had me interested until I saw the half hearted animation and voice acting from the MC. Dante's Inferno looks amazing. SSSOOO wanna see this. An Old Repubilc movie would be nice after The Rise Of Skywalker. Where's Clooooark when u need him.

Damn man need that series back for 2nd season. British Constantine makes me overly happy 😊. Another confirmed nail for matt ryan coming back as constantine live action in the arrow/berlanti-verse. Titokzatos"erő"On"the"website. Is this part of the DCCW. This is better than Disney Wars by a mile. And Satele is a better, more interesting character than Rey could ever be.

On~ Watch Titokzatos erő Online Insing. Watch Titokzatos erő Online Goodvideohost…. So instead of a miniseries it's gonna be a full length movie? Even better. The directors for these trailers know more about visual storytelling than the Disney Star Wars directors ever will, and they dont even need dialogue. Huge Constantine fan,DC needs to get him on the big screen. Oh Hi Doctor Strange. Before the dark times. Before Disney.